Hello there. My name’s Graham Clark, and I’m a software developer. An auspicious start indeed. I studied Computer Science at the University of Southampton, and then got halfway through a PhD in Cognitive Science. This wasn’t really for me, so I decided to try my hand at web design. Fortunately I ended up at a company where I did a bit of web design and a bit of programming, and I soon realised I was much better at the latter.

So my knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, C and Java has been supplemented with VB6 (ugh), XSL, VB.Net, SQL Server, and finally C#, which is what I predominately use now. I’ve learnt to be pretty good with that, and also ASP.Net webforms and WCF.

At work I help design and maintain a financial website with plenty of web services and web applications. I get involved with the coding and database side of things, and frequently the server set up as well. At home I’m currently learning ASP.Net MVC and (Iron) Python, when I have a bit of time.

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